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How to start?

To start using our bots you need to do only 3 simple steps!


Firstly, you need to download our extension. Extension will track your game position and send your coordinates to bots. While receiving sent coordinates, they will be able to find you on the map and feed you.

Download extension

Bots are cunning guys. They don't want to feed for nothing, because they want to eat too. But not like real human. They need another food, namely - server resources, where they hosted. You can pay for services and look at price list in your account.

After you downloaded extension, launched it and paid for bots, you can boldly visit official game site. Update browser tab, click Play and enjoy completely different game experience.

What is it?

Saga Bots - is a service with which you can enjoy a full game experience in

Reach the top in a minimum time, eating bothersome enemies - this is now not a problem.

Our bots will messyly appear on the map, find your coordinates and rush to you, eating all the enemies of an affordable size on your way. After they got to you, they will merge with you, making you even bigger and denser.

Watch the video about our bots: